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Melissa and James

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

One of the best benefits of having a studio in your basement is the ability to catch spontaneous moments in good audio quality. After living with Melissa and hearing her play songs with James on many occasions in her bedroom or the living room, I’d been meaning to find the right moment to record one of their casual collaborations. The last night before Melissa moved back to Massachusetts, I finally got that chance.

I recorded about 45 minutes of audio but also about 10 minutes of video with my point-and-shoot camera. I then synced this video up with the Pro Tools audio (or at least as close as my freebie video editing software would allow -- I’ll work on improving that in the future).


Carey Gustafson’s Birthday Song

Monday, October 18th, 2010

This past Saturday night, Emily, Adam Pierce and I got together and recorded a song in honor of (Emily’s sister and Adam’s girlfriend) Carey’s birthday. The lyrics were solicited from friends via text message, and then we put them to a Georgio Moroder-style disco beat, since that’s Carey’s favorite. A night well spent!

“It’s Carey’s Birthday Tonight” by Carey’s Pals

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Here are the lyrics as they originally arrived via text:

J.B. Rodgers: Carey is my sister and I love her to the core. I’m proud to be her brother J.

Lisa Rodgers: I love my big sister

Nathaniel F. Burgundy IV: Carey, Carey where you going to

Ellen Sawyer: Ca-are-are-are-arey nay-yay-bee, carey baby (to tune of sherry by f valli)

Emily Gustafson:
1) Carey is the only one who could find at a thrift store a shirt that says: “It behooves you to groove when you move to improve” ……….and give it to a friend
2) With care, with care, handle everything with Care. Send your kids to Day Care in a Care package. Care, Care, carry everything with Care, carry everything like Care!

Nicole Corfield:
1) Her eyes sparkle brighter than the glass she cuts
2) Just one glance can cure anyone’s blues
3) When she walks in the room my heart goes boom
4) Everyone wants to be near her

Alissa Lincoln: Oh la la it’s Carey’s birthday tonight, libra’s unite, and let’s celebrate right!

Chris Johnston: Thank you for putting the Y in DIY for me. (or something like that)

Andrew Plamandon: If I were contributing a line, it would be about Muppets and playing drums while singing beautiful harmonies

Annette Barbara: Carey -the playful peppy powerhouse who’s as pretty as a flower

Augie Visocchi: C A R E Y S A Y S (Italian pronounciation: Chi, ahh, errrre, eh, why-ya, esse, ahh, why-ya, esse) Alright!

Tony Muggs: Carey u permeate my very soul with yer smile! let’s always b friends! love u! tone

Eddie: There are few who play like you, but there is only one glue

Melissa McGorty: Carey is fun and an awesome mommy

Millionaire Matt: There is only one lady that lives the right way; she is Saint Carey of the Oke (does that sound ok?)

Tony Rochon: Man without a Band

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Photo by Doug Coombe

Tony Rochon is too talented to be an unknown in this town. I first became a fan of his music in 2005 when he was rehearsing under my bedroom with Andy Roy, my old roommate (and a new father!), on drums. He had already recorded a collection of his own songs playing all the instruments, and the band was learning those tunes, which sounded like the Sloan-esque power pop I loved. Unfortunately, the band only lasted a few shows before caving into the pressures of real life. Coincidentally, just after the band broke up, Tony’s solo demos were played at a party by Tony’s old bandmate from Back in Spades, Stephen Palmer. Someone who wrote for Real Detroit heard those demos and wrote excitedly about them in their column that week. This excitement dissipated as nothing happened… for years.

It’s now half a decade later and still barely anyone has heard Tony’s music. Last year Tony joined Copper Thieves (with Andy Roy, my aforementioned ex-roommate) and contributes a few songs to their upcoming album. He also played keyboards with the High Strung at a few recent shows. Yet his original motherload of material remains unreleased. Tony is an unassuming character who spends his time with his family instead of hyping himself over pint glasses, so his network of local musicians remains small.

This year he finally put a three piece together to play his songs, with Stephen Palmer on drums and Matt Hatch (ex-Sights, Birdgang, The Go, every other band ever, plus another new father!) on bass. Due to conflicting schedules, it had been a month since the band’s last rehearsal on the day in June when they came to record these demos in my basement. Nonetheless, the songs sound solid. As fate would have it, between the day they tracked the instruments and the day Tony and Stephen did vocals, the band had decided to break up. Once agan, Tony is a man without a band.

So, like two drops of water in the desert, I present to you – at long last – two songs by Tony Rochon’s former band. Names for the band were discussed during the recording, but that is all a moot point now. Tony plays all guitars, keyboards, percussion, and sings lead vocals. Stephen drums and sings harmonies. Matt plays bass.

To those who wish they were in a band like this, comment below and maybe Tony’s dreams and yours can both come true!

Tony Rochon and His Former Band- “I Believe Ya”

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Tony Rochon and His Former Band – “Half a Mind”

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