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One Day at a Time

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

I first heard this song through the floor boards of my house in Ann Arbor that I shared with seven other people. Matt Lurie and Andy Thompson were working on an arrangement of this song based on the Flatlanders’ cover version.

Years later I got really into the early recordings of Willie Nelson. (I strongly recommend his early demos recorded for other singers, which were released on this complilation a few years ago. Sample 1, 2 and 3.) This song also dates from his early career, although I’ve never heard a demo of it.

In a world is full of precautions and plans, this song captures the restless free spirit and its nuances in so few lines. Matt Lurie and I once discussed the audacity and brilliance of a line like “Don’t ask how long I plan to stay – it never crossed my mind. I live one day at a time.” Who needs to pay taxes when you’ve got songs like these?

This recording is a quickie done in the basement a few years ago, but I feel good about the looseness of it. One take of live guitar and vocals, one vocal overdub and one guitar solo overdub.

One Day at a Time (written by Willie Nelson)

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