Michigan For Life

This song was recorded back in 2006 for the inaugural issue of Spoke Magazine, a themed DIY arts publication put together by Annette Janik. The first issue was about Michigan, and I wrote this song specifically for the CD that came with it. I have a long standing policy to try and accept all themed compilation requests purely as an exercise. (Examples: The Ypsilanti song, the 426 Monster Protest song, both Pop Project candy songs.) The Spoke website, which once hosted this song, is no longer online, so I figured it was worth reposting. [Bonus fact: Will Yates also wrote a song for this compilation, called “Everybody’s Moving Out of Michigan,” which was pretty fantastic.]

This is one of the only recordings made in my Royal Oak apartment on Gardenia St, which was a horrible place to live due the abundance of crotechty complaining senior citizens in the building. One neighbor called the cops on me for playing acoustic guitar on a Saturday afternoon. I didn’t stay there long.

This recording features my oldest friend Matt Balcer on mandolin. We met when we were literally in diapers. Matt now plays in the Irish band the Codgers. Here’s a picture of the two of us at one of my childhood birthday parties. I’m in the middle; Matt is on the right. Chuck E. Cheese sure looks like a creeper in this photo.

Besides Matt’s great contribution on mandolin, I played acoustic guitar, my first recorded banjo part, and various things with my hands such as a tambourine and my knees. I like this bedroom brewed recording, but sometimes I think the song would be a lot more fun if recorded by a live group in a setting where the neighbors aren’t speed dialing the cops with noise complaints. Perhaps one day.

Michigan For Life

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