Everybody Sells Their Soul

I’ve been sitting on a lot of half-finished tunes lately, feeling no urge to finish them. Even so, I am trying to follow the songwriting advice I read somewhere (maybe from Randy Newman?) to finish writing all songs you start, even if you’re not sure you like them. For me, writing and demoing can be nearly synonymous, so I’ve been demoing a lot of songs as a way to finish them.

This song was a structure with barely a melody when my old pal Ryan Clancy (The Silent Years, Rescue, Wafflehouse*) came over and recorded the drums to a scratch guitar track. Ryan’s drum part on the verses was so awesomely off-kilter and funky that it renewed my interest in the tune. I ended up keeping the scratch guitar track (with some stereo slapback) and added a fuzzed-out bassline and a simple lead guitar. The lyrics came naturally out of the feelings the music stirred from my current life. Considering how reluctant I was about the song before I started recording, it was sort of shocking how well the final product came together.

And now (spoiler alert) the Pop Project is working on this song for our next album. So the moral of the story is that whoever said that thing about finishing all your songs was giving good advice.

Everybody Sells Their Soul

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